The Fanmade Arcade (PRESS KIT)


Planned for early 2019 on Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store (contact me if you want to play the beta right now)
Free with optional in-app purchases and rewarded ads
Phones and tablets running iOS 8.0 or Android 5.0 or later
Design, code, art, music, and sound by Martin Magni
Contact, @MartinMagni,


Fancade is a mobile app where you can play thousands of games, or make your own, right on your phone.

"But why?" you may ask. For two reasons. First, players get pure and simple games, with no infuriating ad interruptions and overcomplicated menu screens getting in the way of the gameplay. Second, creators get a powerful game making tool that's always available, especially the next generation of game devs who grew up with touch screens and may not even own a PC yet.

Built-in Games
The app includes four pre-installed games made by Martin himself, using Fancade of course! Dinorama (guide a cute dino through 3D dioramas), Drive Mad (drive silly vehicles over hazardous terrain), Ditto (control two characters at once for a logic challenge), and Fixel (piece together pixel art jigsaw puzzles).
Community Games
Pretty soon you'll want to browse the built-in online community with thousands of games made by other users. Every day there are new games to try, and the best ones appear under the Featured tag. Play an instant preview for 30 seconds, then download and continue, even when offline.
Building Blocks
Feeling creative? Make your own game with drag-n-drop building blocks. (It's like those colorful plastic bricks you played with as a kid, but for games!) If the hundreds of built-in blocks don't cut it, make your own blocks by adding, removing, and painting each individual voxel.
Visual Scripting
Some built-in blocks also have behaviors, such as a moving character or a push button. These behaviors were made with Fancade's visual scripting blocks, which you can also use to make new behaviors, or entirely new types of games! It's a full programming language, so don't expect to learn it all in one day.
"How is all this not going to ruin me financially" I ask myself! Well all games cost "Fangold" to download. You can buy Fangold through in-app purchases, or get it for free by watching an ad. But most interestingly, if you make a game you get half the Fangold it earns!


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Not yet available! I've posted lots of short videos on Twitter though, contact me if you need the original files.