Do you want to make games?

We are a small indie studio with a long history and many games behind us. But our biggest project right now is Fancade. It's a game engine, plus a set of game creation tools, plus a collection of thousands of games made by our community of creators around the world. Did I mention it's a big project? 😅

Tiny excavator has huge job

Send help, please k thanks!

In any case, Fancade has successfully attracted millions of players, and we're now looking for additional game developers to join our team on location in Linköping, Sweden.

Who are you?

We are currently looking for great programmers who're frustrated by the lack of game development jobs in the Linköping area. Bonus points if you...

Who are we?

The studio was founded in 2014 in Åtvidaberg by Martin Magni with financing from the sale of an earlier successful game company. During 2020 we moved to East Sweden Game in Linköping in order to expand, and in 2022 we moved into a bigger office in the brand new Spektrum building.

Entrance to our officen in Spektrum

Not sure if offices or Star Trek set

During these 8 years we have built three new IP:s that have reached 100+ million players on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and web. We accomplished this by setting our own goals, working at our own pace, and using our own financing. We have never "crunched" and never plan to. Indie game dev FTW!

Our focus is games with a building element, lowering the barrier for players to become creators. Fancade is simply the logical conclusion of this strategy, an app that contains all tools needed to make and publish a game of your own, which Google rewarded with "Best Innovative" on Play Store.

Dino Bros screenshot

Fancade's Dino Bros are so cute! 20M views on TikTok say so.


We offer fun work for a great salary in a friendly team. So please send an email with your portfolio, or CV, or whatever to jobs@fancade.com. You reading this far proves you're interested, so don't hesitate to get in touch!