The Fanmade Arcade (PRESS KIT)


April 30, 2020 on Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store
Free with ads, or optional in-app purchases to remove ads
Phones and tablets running iOS 10.0 or Android 5.0 or later
Design, code, art, and sound by Martin Magni. Games by everyone!
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Fancade Drive Mad Fancade Roper Fancade Dino Bros Fancade Recoil Fancade Gobble Fancade Editor Fancade Quest Fancade Arcade Fancade Mascot Martin Magni



Fancade is a mobile app where you can play thousands of games, or make your own, right on your phone.

It's the fanmade arcade. It's the game of games. It's the mobile game engine, a powerful game-making tool that's always in your pocket, and a gateway for the next generation of game devs who grow up with touch screens instead of PCs.

Start with the Quest. You guide Odd, a cute little robot that fell out of its own game, and into a tiny island world. Complete challenges in a wide variety of mini-games to earn stars to repair bridges and unlock more worlds. At the time of writing there are 40 worlds with over 50 games and 1,000 challenges, and more are added continuously.
Pretty soon you'll want to browse the built-in online community with thousands more games made by our highly creative users. Every day there are new games to try, the most liked ones make it into the Popular section, and a few select ones appear in the Featured section.
Feeling creative? Make your own games using drag-n-drop building blocks. Remember those colorful plastic bricks you played with as a kid? It's like that but for building games! If the hundreds of prefab blocks don't cut it, make your own blocks by adding, removing, and painting each individual voxel.
Some blocks also have behaviors, such as a moving character or a push-button. These behaviors were also made with Fancade, by connecting wires between script blocks. And you can use the same method to make new behaviors, or entirely new types of games! It's full-on visual scripting, so don't expect to learn it all in one day.

That's what exists today. But the possibilities are endless, and my todo list stretches to the moon and back. Stay tuned.