Finds the point at which a line intersects a plane.


  • Line From: Line's starting position
  • Line To: Line's end position
  • Plane Point: A position in the plane (defaults to 0,0,0 if unwired)
  • Plane Normal: A vector perpendicular to the plane (i.e. the direction the plane is pointing at, or the angle of the plane)


  • Intersection: The point where the line intersects the plane (or nan if there is no such point)


  • It's a line, not a line segment, so the intersection will be found even if it's not in-between the line's from/to positions.


A common use case for Line vs Plane is to find the world coordinate of the user's finger:

The finger touches a 2D screen, but there's a whole bunch 3D points along a line into the scene, which are all at that 2D coordinate. So the above script first uses Screen To World to get two points on that line, and then Line vs Plane to pick out the one position that lies on the floor plane (point 0,0,0 and normal 0,1,0). As a result, the Wood block will move to the finger!