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The Arcade tab is where you can discover new games every day! The top headings feature selected games that are fun to play and have good design. In addition, there are some headings with special functionality:


Whenever you tap the Favorite button on a game, it appears here. It's a convenient way to bookmark games you like and want to play again. Even offline!


An automatic list of games other users have recently played and liked. (This feature is currently only available on Android. Also, the exact ranking algorithm is a work in progress.)


List all games with a specific tag. The New button will list every published or updated game on Android, or every featured game on iOS, in chronological order.


Use the search feature to find games! You can search by either the name of the game or the creator's name. You can also search games on your browser here:


Whenever you click a game link, in search or as shared on social media, the game box will appear here.

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