Outputs the logarithm of a number by a given base.


  • Number: The target number
  • Base: The base to raise (defaults to e if unwired)


  • Logarithm: The Exponent in the (Base ^ Exponent = Number)


Logarithm is used as an inverse function for the function Power , this function is most commonly use for pathfinding AI's such as Board game AI's. If you managed to learn how to make an AI , this function will be surely handy for you!


If you're looking for examples , surely all examples for this is complex , logarithm is such advanced function to be common in simple games. But if you really want to see how it can be used , one most common example is "Sounak9434's" MCTS Engine , its a type of AI used for board games.

  • Logarithm is used in the MCTS engine as a function to find the best possible moves the AI can execute in the set of given possible moves and the players possible moves in the game.
  • MCTS Engine is made before the logarithm function is implemented , the logarithm function used in the MCTS engine is a custom script made by our great "Potato-Chan" one of the best scripter we have here!