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Compute sine of an angle in degrees.


Sine outputs value between 1 and -1 depending on the given value to it which scales from angular (0°–360°)


Additionally , there are only 4 certain points where you can get a whole number :

  • 0°/360° = 0
  • 90° = 1
  • 180° = 0
  • 270° = -1

*Note: To understand more better search for "trigonemetrical functions" in google XD


Ever wondered how martin make those ultra smooth floating coin animations , well here's how to do it:

  • Sin and Cos is mostly use for such back and forth animations like this , you can also amplify the output of the sin or cos to make the object have a back and forth animation in a larger or smaller scale. If you managed to utilize this functions you can even make any type of animations very smooth e.g. (walking animation , gun recoil animation , moving platforms and many more)
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