Compute sine of an angle in degrees.


Sine outputs value between 1 and -1 depending on the given value to it which scales from angular (0°–360°), though values outside this range work as well.


Additionally, there are only 4 certain points where you can get a whole number:

  • 0°/360° = 0
  • 90° = 1
  • 180° = 0
  • 270° = -1

To understand better search for "Trigonometric functions"


Ever wondered how to make those ultra smooth floating coin animations like in Roper? Here's how to do it:

(Note that you don't have to store the input in a rotation. A number will do just fine.)

  • Sin and Cos can be used for such back and forth animations like this. You can also multiply the output of sin or cos by a number to move it in a larger or smaller scale. If you manage to utilize this function, you can even make any type of animations very smooth (e.g. walking animation, gun recoil animation, moving platforms and many more)