You've made a game? Awesome! You want it to be listed in Featured so that many more people can play and enjoy it? Cool! The games are hand-picked, but there are many things you can do to increase your chances of being selected.

First, there are some things to avoid, which shouldn't be too hard:

  • No copyright violations (E.g. don't copy sprites or levels from some other game.)
  • No game collections (E.g. don't make the first level Floppy Fish and the second level Tumble. Focus on one game and let Fancade be the collection of games.)
  • No orientation lock (E.g. don't force the player to use landscape mode. If they want to play in portrait mode, despite the game working best in landscape, then let them.)
  • No box art level (E.g. don't make the first level just a pretty picture, learn to use the Box Art Sensor instead.)
  • No impossible difficulty (E.g. if your game has "hard", "impossible", or "kaizo" in the title, then it's probably too hard for most users, and unlikely to be featured.)

Then, the interesting things you should do, which are probably harder, but oh so worthwhile:

  • Simple controls (E.g. one-tap, swipe, and drag all work well on touch screens. There are many other options, but try to make it clear what the player is supposed to do.)
  • Easy difficulty (We all underestimate how hard others will think our games are. Start super easy! Gradually increase difficulty in later levels.)
  • Make it look good (Use Fancade's strengths, colorful blocky low res art. That art style was chosen so that those of us who're not pro artists can still make something simple look OK.)
  • Add enough content (Fancade games can be very short, because there's thousands of other games to move onto! But it won't get featured if it's just one level that can be completed in a few seconds.)

If your game manages to achieve many of these, then it's probably also fun to play! That's easier said than done, but most games in Featured have gotten help via our Discord, with play testing and helpful suggestions. Yours can too!