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  • May not be completely accurate, they were color picked form a screenshot of the palette

Light brown: DB9191 Brown: BB677A Dark brown: 904F5A

Light tan: FFE3E3 Tan: FFCAB8 Dark tan: F6ABA0

Light purple: AB86FF Purple: 896BD6 Dark purple: 6650A0

Light pink: FFB3E4 Pink: FF90CA Dark pink: E66CA7

Light red: FF9696 Red: FF4865 Dark red: BB344D

Light orange: FFA37D Orange: FF6C50 Dark orange: C94E3E

Light yellow: FFFF75 Yellow: FFCE00 Dark yellow: E9A300

Light green: ABFF68 Green: 3FBB4A Dark green: 00864A

Light blue: 00C2FF Blue: 008CFF Dark blue: 0069D6

White: FEFFFF Gray 1: DDE0F1 Gray 2: 888CA0

Gray 3: 606278 Gray 4: 3C3C50 Black: 1C1C28

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