Benchmark is a useful Fancade game that uses the technology of Fancade to test your device's performance.

CPU Test

Play CPU Test and don't try to tap until there is an error message. You may already understand what is the result, it's the "Score" variable connected to Inspect script. It's the speed of the CPU with an imaginary unit.

Audio Test

There's also the Audio Test which will test the performance of the sound given out by your device and apps. (Fact: Android 10 and 11 will have a low score, because of an unknown problem with the sound.)

How it works

It's a never ending super fast loop, and it executes a script, which will make the device struggle keeping up. At last, your device will ragequit the processing and get out of the loop using the error message (it takes long for appear) 'Timeout! Infinite loop?'.