How to Play

Tap the right side of the screen to drive. Tap the left side of the screen to brake and reverse. Careful, if you land the car upside down it'll break!

Tips and Tricks

  • Level 39 Runway: The jet airplane does not have brakes or reverse. But to make the flight, you'll need more runway than you have initially. Can you figure out how?
  • Level 43 Excavator: Pull yourself forward using the excavator's arm. At the end of the level, extend the arm and just touch the goal with the bucket!
  • Level 45 Drive Level: You're driving the level instead of the car! Go full speed forward for about 3 seconds, then full reverse. The car's momentum will carry it over the jump to the goal.

Let's Play

Check out these full play-throughs of all levels on YouTube:

Old (Drive Classic) version: