Fixel is a puzzle game made by Martin Magni. It consists of a stencil of an object or a structure (e.g. an orange) that has to be filled perfectly with a few given pieces that interlock into the stencil through their holes in order to win.

Fun fact: prior to Fancade 1.6, "Orange" was considered to be the most difficult level in the game.

How to play

Drag and drop pieces to the pegboard such that the correct colors are filled in.

Additional controls: you can use two fingers to zoom in and out, and pan the whole level.


1: Flower

2: House

3: Bottle

4: Duck

5: Key

6: Sheep

7: Flag

8: Fox

9: Lock

10: Penguin

11: Dino

12: Teapot

13: Heart

14: Gamepad

15: Bolt

16: Umbrella

17: Skull

18: Smile

19: Moon

20: Floppy

21: Orange

22: Cutlery

23: Bat

24: Coffee

25: Octopus