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Quest progress sync was introduced in Fancade 1.4. Here's what to do:

  1. On your old phone, create a Fancade account with email + password.
  2. Tap Save Quest.
  3. On your new phone, sign into your Fancade account.
  4. Tap Load Quest.

In addition, games that you've published can always be edited on any of your devices. Just search to find the game, and tap Edit. (This works for you, even if the game was published as Not editable, because Fancade will recognize you as the original creator.)

For games that you are still building, you'll need to publish the games from the old device, download them on the new device, and un-publish the games again, until they're ready for release!

For syncing anything else, if you're on Android, use the built-in cloud backup functionality to back up your old phone to your Google account. Then, when you setup your new phone, use the option to restore from your Google account backup to sync everything over!

How do I sync games to my new phone? — Fancade Wiki