Submitting to Fancade's leaderboards

As of version 1.5.1 your score on a published game will appear on Fancade's leaderboard when the game over or win screen appears. All you need for your score to be submitted is an internet connection!

Submitting to the Discord's leaderboards

Alternatively, if you would like to submit your score to the Discord leaderboard you can follow the steps below:

Navigate to the #scores channel and send a screenshot of your score screen with a caption following the example below.

The correct text for this screenshot is:

"Endless Dash (Rocketernity) 567"

  • "Endless Dash" is the name of the game
  • "Rocketernity" is the name of the level
  • 567 is the score

Then just wait for a Fanmod to react to it so it can be added to the scores.