Sometimes in 2D games, we need to completely remove the shadows from the scene. Here is a simple way to do that.

  1. Set the camera angle to whatever is needed for the game.

  2. Set the light angle to the same angle as the camera.

Example:Removing Shadows

That's all!

But there might still be fuzzy shadow bleed at edges.

For a perfect shadow removal

for a perfect shadow removal, we can move the camera very far from the scene. it is less convenient, but works perfectly.

For a top-down 2D game, we can set the camera Y value to a very high value.

here is an example using camera X=0 and Z=0,

Example: Perfect 2D shadow removal (you should use your appropriate camera X and Z values. Set The Y value to a very high value.)

For 3D games, using this method is tricky and involves some math, so we don't talk it here.