Lots of games involve tapping tiny objects on screen. But phones are small, fingers are fat, and people's patience is limited. So many games are more fun if they're kind to the player. If they hastily tapped in the general vicinity, but missed by a pixel? Give them a break and pretend they hit perfectly!

Here's my favorite way to turn that kindness into script:

First, the three tappable Wood blocks add themselves to a list $Bs. (Short for BlockS!) Then the Touch Sensor feeds into Line vs Plane to compute the world coordinate the player tapped. The Loop then checks the distance to all blocks, and keeps track of the best pick. Finally, do whatever you wanted to do with the tapped object, e.g. Set Position moves it to the tap position.

In this example Best is initialized to 3, so even if the tap misses by a large margin, it'll still count as a hit! And if multiple objects are within that distance, it'll still pick the best hit.