The wiki was developed by Nikita Ivanov, Olle Landin, and Martin Magni.

This wiki is intended to help readers learn more about Fancade and its game-making tools. It is actively developed by contributors: new information is added almost each day! If you're interested, you can help improve the wiki, too.


Before you begin to contribute to the wiki, please read the following rules, advices and principles.

Create a page

Before creating a brand-new wiki page, please make sure that:

  • The same page with a different name doesn't already exist
  • The page you are about to make is really necessary
    • e.g. a whole page about a tiny barely noticeable pixel on log block top texture won't add any value to the wiki, thus unnecessary and shouldn't be created
  • It won't make more sense if you put the information of the future page into an existing one

Write about Fancade

If you want to add a new piece of information to the site, it's always much appreciated! But the info you're adding should not be about your cat's favorite kind of meat or anything else — it should be about Fancade.

Don't leave articles in WIP state

Don't save unfinished edits.

If you're not done yet, but you can't continue working right now, you can always quit the browser and get back to editing later (the wiki will remember the state of the page and will prompt you to recover it when you begin editing again).

Don't leave unanswered questions

If you're not sure about something, don't ask future editors to correct you in the page:

Constraints are very difficult to learn. (Maybe it's just me?)

Those who can answer your question will rarely visit the page, so you will end up throwing your question at readers'. Feel free to join our Discord server and ask your question there, in order to eventually provide the most accurate information to readers!

Less humor

Humor is good and all but try to avoid it when writing content. Wiki is intended to help readers learn new information about Fancade and too much humor doesn't make it better (if not worse).


Want to help but have no idea how it's done? Read further to learn how to format text and create new pages.

Create a page

In the Wiki page, there is an ability to create new pages, simply by clicking "New". A pop-up with the title "Create New Page" should show up.

Create a page name with the appropriate title.

If you are writing it in a different section (e.g. Build) write <section>/<title> (e.g. Build/Set Variable) to create it within this section.

Now you can write a Wiki page! After you have written it all, click "Preview" to make sure everything looks correct.

Style a page

The Wiki supports the formatting syntax called "Markdown". You can easily emphasize text, make lists, add links, insert images and even make tables! For more information, read this.


Add link

To insert a link, you can:

Wrap page name in square brackets [[Number]] Number
Wrap page name in square brackets and put a suffix [[Number]]s Numbers
Wrap page name in square brackets and set displayed text [[One|Number]] One
Wrap URL in square brackets [[]]
Wrap URL in square brackets and set displayed text [[Fancade|]] Fancade

Make list

To insert a list element, put *, + or - at the beginning of a line.

* Fancade
* is a fanmade
* arcade

Add image

To add an image, drag-n-drop it into the edit form. (It will be uploaded to /uploads/<filename>)

To insert an existing image, you wrap the image path/URL in square brackets (like you do with regular links/URLs) to insert it directly in the text.


You can also upload an image by clicking "Upload" button in edit mode.

Delete a page

Deleting a page is possible, but restricted. Ping one of the Fanmods on the Discord server and suggest the deletion to them.

Revert a change

Go to the page's history (through link in the latest changes), check the commit, compare and revert.

Sign out

There's no button to sign out (and seldom reason to). But if you clear the website data in your browser settings, you will be signed out. (It's a cookie?)


  • You can switch between edit and preview mode with CTRL+Shift+P.