The You tab is for customizing your Fancade.


You can buy Premium for a month or a year. (It's not a subscription, so no need to worry about remembering to unsubscribe. It'll just revert to normal after said time period ends, and you can buy it again.) This has several benefits:

  • No ads!
  • Quest bridges repair instantly
  • Publish and update any number of games, no timer
  • Support Martin in developing Fancade


Tap to toggle sound and music. There's also the Show Touches option which is useful when recording YouTube videos, because others can see where you're tapping.


Link your Fancade account to an email and password. This will enable you to sign in as the same user on all your devices, to sync Premium, and is required to publish games. (Forgot your password?)


This is where I can let you know new and interesting information and happenings.